My discography (WIP) (updated 2020.06.03)

Albums, EPs, Singles, Splits


Date Alias Title Link Mirror
2016.08.09 Phonograph cylinder Cake X X
2016.09.03 Phonograph cylinder Elevator Factory Vol. 1 X X
2016.12.22 Phonograph cylinder Subway Tunes (untitled.wav) X X
2016.12.22 Phonograph cylinder Ishiwa Heisa (the diamond necklace played the pawn) X X
2017.01.01 Phonograph cylinder & Chris Mazur Drunken Stupor X X
2017.02.14 2194-006 Digital Citizenship OST X X
2017.02.23 Phonograph cylinder Elevator Factory Vol. 2 X X
2017.03.12 Phonograph cylinder Vast Darkness Nebula X X
2017.03.25 Phonograph cylinder Swimming in a Peach X X
2017.06.04 C:// Everything Will Be OK X X
2017.06.05 Phonograph cylinder Classic X X
2017.06.06 Phonograph cylinder Overcooking Ramen Noodles (WHERE IS THAT RINGING COMING FROM?!?!?!?!?!?) X X
2017.06.12 ドリームズ株式会社.TIFF 未来はテクノロジーです X X
2017.07.30 .TIFF HAZE.EXE X X
2017.08.25 .tif ruins X X
2017.09.04 .tif RGB | .-. --. -... X X
2017.09.15 .tif COMING SOON X X
2017.10.04 Phonograph cylinder into the future X X
2017.10.28 .tif Journey to the WEB X X
2017.11.16 .tif SINGULARITY X X
2017.11.23 memeing about.tif MANTYKE-WAVE // 私はあなたが眠るのを見ます。 X X
2017.12.16 SUPER COOL DUDE .tif 1995うつ病 うつ病CHRISTMAS albyum dexule buy our merrch !!!1 X X
2017.12.24 .tif TIME CUBE X X
2018.01.06 PC_2018 FLORAL SHOPPE 3 X X
2018.01.06 PC_2018 オープン1995 X X
2018.01.26 .tif AUTOPLAY X X
2018.01.30 .tif Waiting to connect... X X
2018.02.26 .ExisT .areLiving X X
2018.03.25 .tif not responding ep X X
2018.03.28 Phonograph cylinder Motives X X
2018.04.01 .tif をオンにする X X
2018.06.02 .tif School Recordings X X
2018.09.09 Phonograph cylinder GAME X X
2018.10.19 .tif Devolution X X
2018.12.06 .tif Onett X X
2018.12.24 .tif CHRISTMAS 2018-2018 X X
2018.10.19 /DREMR/ /RENAISSANCE/ X X
2019.02.02 .tif The New Revolution X X
2019.02.03 .tif AUTOPLAYをオンにする X X
2019.02.10 .tif // Phonograph cylinder Inverse Flower // Reverse Flower X X
2019.03.01 .tif Spa X X
2019.03.02 .tif tv's cringiest sound X X
2019.03.06 ソッコ Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot X X
2019.03.15 .tif sample text X X
2019.03.16 Garageband 2015 Garageband 2015 X X
2019.03.23 .ExisT ARTOFTHEDEAL X X
2019.04.13 .tif 匿名Writer No. 101 X X
2019.04.17 Niko Ampersand EP X X
2019.05.07 Die Neue Zukunft Dfr X X
2019.05.07 Die Neue Zukunft Pwrfl X X
2019.05.07 Phonograph cylinder // Die Neue Zukunft Subway Tunes EP X X
2019.05.18 { :) }x4 do you want to live again? // do you like worms X X
2019.05.30 .EXIST SIDEB X X
2019.06.08 SSL Deluxx CUBISM+ X X
2019.06.11 NXO LITE SVID X X
2019.06.15 Niko Starlight Iguana X X
2019.06.15 Niko Login/Demo ('Starlight Iguana' Bonus Disk none X
2019.07.07 The Crow Cries Sugar And Spice X X
2019.07.17 tl;dr /// Reflektions. X X
2019.08.02 .tif COPYRIGHT IS JOKE X X
2019.08.21 Mother Brain Dragsbyy X X
2019.08.30 Phonograph cylinder Recovered X X
2019.09.07 Everybody Likes You Litemode X X
2019.09.17 Atsuko Sabitsuki Cause They Were So Scrambled X X
2019.09.28 .EXIST Diamond_in_the_Sky-Sonic_R_Lyrics[].mp3.flac X X
2019.09.30 Phonograph cylinder De X X
2019.09.30 Niko Birdcalling X X
2019.10.?? DJ Net Child MIx #0a: CD-R Number A X X
2019.10.?? DJ Net Child Mix #0b: CD-R Number B X X
2019.10.19 .ExisT @ VRCHAT 10/19/2019 X X
2019.11.08 ソッコ karoshi life ltd. X X
2019.11.09 New Folders (2) introduction.flac X X
2019.11.15 New Folders (2) Album 01 X X
2019.11.17 local. <3 iv | the on'line X X
2019.11.18 and niko☂ Rising Shepard Tone / Newgrounds 2018 / Ech.aup X X
2019.11.29 Aaaa [B] / Atsuko Sabitsuki Chiptune Music / Omega Chariot X X
2019.12.07 The Greatest Adventure? Bbl X X
2019.12.24 Pc Crocodile House 3 (EF3) X X
2019.12.25 &NIKO //.0 WAVPAK / Descension (Unreleased Remixes) Bundle X X
2019.12.25 .EXIST お(^o^)や(^O^)す(^。^)みぃ(^-^)ノ゙ X X
2019.12.25 .tif HIVEMIND EXTRAS X X
2019.12.25 .tif HIVEMIND X X
2020.01.08 eir mzr Sol (Demonstration Mix) X X